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Adhue is proud to announce that we now have full slitting capabilities!

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Current Specials!

Plastics on Special:


060 G/G PETG

22" X 26" Sheets - $1.53/Sheet

26" X 26.5" Sheets - $1.84/Sheet

17.75" X 48" Sheets - $2.28/Sheet


020 White Styrene

13.875” X 24" Sheets- $0.19/Sheet

25" X 38" Sheets- $0.54/Sheet

22" X 40" - $0.50/Sheet

28" X 40" Sheets- $0.64/Sheet


125 Black Styrene

13" X 16.5" Sheets- $0.77/Sheet


015 White G/G PVC

20" X 25" Sheets- $0.19/Sheet


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