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Adhue is proud to announce that we now have full slitting capabilties!

Below you will find a list of the films and capabilities offered by Adhue.

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OPP Heat activated and pressure sensitive laminating films (Write on/wipe off)
PET Laminates (Hot and cold) in Clear and Matte
Stock thicknesses include: 1.7mil – 3mil – 5mil – 10mil
Nylon for one sided book and folder applications
BOPP Heat sealable film (HS2S) for Food packaging, overwraps and consumer packaging
70ga – 80ga – 100ga – 120ga – 140ga – 160ga – 200ga

BOPP Raw Films Non-heat sealable (Industrial, Automotive, Foods)
Polyester Raw Films for a variety of industrial and graphic applications
Nylon (Scuff Resistant Features)
White Films (Bopp & Polyester)
Metalized Polyester
White PrintableBOPP


Customer specified roll slitting, from ½” to 74” wide
Corona treating flexible substrates up to 60” wide
Convert Master roll widths and length to specified sizes
Output wound onto 1”, 2-1/4” 3”, and 6” cores
Slitting capability of printed rolls using optical edge guide sensor
Custom sheeting to size
Inventory stock size rolls
Customer supplied material slitting
Blanket orders with customized release dates
Fast turnaround
Cost Competitive
Reliable delivery
Knowledgeable and exceptional Customer Service