Adhue features R-Tape® Premasks. R-Tape® offers several grades of application tapes to fit a wide variety  of job types. Contact Adhue to find the perfect premask for you.

R-Tape® Conform Series®

Premasks and Application Tapes are formulated with R Tape's advanced RLA™ technology for improved lay flat and release liner adhesion. Conform Series' superior performance in lay flat and conformability presents a neat, professional image and provides trouble-free production, application, handling and storage! R-Tape® offers several grades of application tapes ranging from the industry standard RLA 4075 high tack comparable to 3M SCPS-2 or TransfeRites 6792 to a premium high tack RLA 4775 comparable to TransfeRites 6592.

Adhue also offers the R-Tape® AT-42 (Standard Clear) and AT-60 (Economical Clear) premasks for applications that require you to view through for proper positioning.

R-Tape® Standard Premasks
R-Tape Conform series RLA, standard paper masking 4000 Low Tack and 4050 Medium Tack.

R-Tape® Premium Premasks

R-Tape Conform Series RLA Premium Paper, 4700 Low Tack, 4750 Medium Tack, 4775 High Tack, 4613 Medium Tack (Large one piece decals with UV inks and 4 process colors) and 4760 Medium Tack (4 color process with UV clear coats.).

R-Tape® 2000 Blue Blockout Tape
Conformable self-wound polyethylene with an acrylic adhesive, clear, removable from most frames and mesh.

Stock Sizes

R-Tape® Premasks is available in many sizes depending on type. Please contact Adhue to find the correct size and type for you.

Sample sizes: 1.25", 2.25", 3.25", 4.25", 6.50", 8.50", 10.50", 12", 14", 16", 18', 20", 24", 30", 36", 48"

All sizes are available in 100 yard rolls.

Custom Slitting for this product is Available!

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