Adhue Graphic Resources is now offering Special Pricing on Select Items and Services!

We figured it was time to start offering some of our select products and services to our customers at discounted prices! Contact our friendly Sales Team for complete details and pricing. We will be updating items and services from time to time to offer a wider variety of discounts, so check back regularly to see what we are offering!


Adhue MAgnetic Materials Fall Promotion
Magnetic Material 1
Magnetic Material 2
Magnetic Material 3

Featuring our premium quality Magnetic Material is extremely strong and flexible. It is available with adhesive backing or a printable matte white surface for printed graphics. It is available in strips and various lengths and thicknesses.

Designed for mounting on clean flat horizontal surfaces such as steel car doors and sheet metal panels. This product’s magnetic strength is engineered to be strong enough to hold itself vertically.It is easy to use, extremely strong, and flexible. Perfect for service vehicles and removable logos. It can also be used  for DIY projects, crafts, gifts, memos, refrigerator magnets etc. Remove it from the surface No scratches, blemishes or stains left behind. It is not designed for use on ceilings or surfaces where it is mounted upside down.

  • Standard - With or Without Adhesive
  • Matte White Printable
  • Receptive Magnetic Overlays
  • Adhesive Strips
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