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Everybody loves a good sale or a great deal and we at Adhue Graphic Resources figure it's time to start offering some of our select products and services to our customers at discounted prices! You can contact our sales team by phone or email to get complete details and pricing. We intend on updating items and services from time to time so check back regularly to see what we are offering!




Polyester (PET) is a popular film choice with exceptional properties that makes it ideal for most applications. Polyester features excellent scuff and scratch resistance, durability, and folding characteristics. It also has high tensile, tear, and impact strength that is retained even after lamination. These films do not contain plasticizers or become brittle with age. Consider Polyester for projects requiring toughness, durability, and heat resistance. Polyester (PET) is known for being a general purpose overlaminate. It has excellent scuff/scratch resistance, good thermal stability, and is tough, yet flexible. It is also recommended for indoor applications.

  • Thickness:  1.7 Mil, 3 Mil, 5 Mil, 10 Mil
  • 1" Cores, 3" Cores, 6 " Cores
  • Finishes: Clear & Matte
  • Custom Widths and Lengths - Ask your Sales Representative
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