We carry RowTec® Polycarbonate film products. These films are extruded from the finest quality resin to produce the finest quality of graphic arts films. RowTec® films offer superior performance for applications that require optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical characteristics.

  • Instrument Panel Overlays
  • Membranes with graphic panels
  • Decals
  • Labels
  • Backlit displays
  • Menu Boards
  • Medical Applications
  • Dial Indicators
  • Scales
  • Thermoformed parts
  • Cold-Embossed parts
  • Die cut items
  • Coating Applications
Stock Sizes
  • Sheets: 24" X 48"
  • Rolls: 48 1/2" to 55"- Roll length dependent on film thickness

Custom Sizes Available

Available Surfaces
  • Gloss/Gloss
  • Velvet/Matte
  • Velvet/Gloss
  • Matte/Gloss
  • Suede Matte

Custom Colors Available

Stock Gauges
  • .005" - .030"

Custom Guages Available

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