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Film and Paper Release Liners

Polycoated material applied during the manufacturing process and used to prevent a sticky surface from prematurely adhering. Great For Slip Sheets. Custom Slitting is available for Adhue Release Liner.

Product Details

Applications: Great for slip sheets and many other applications.

Characteristics: Easily printed with water or solvent based inks using flexography, offset lithography, and screen printing. Can be folded, sheeted, die cut, grommeted, glued, and sewn. Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and temperature resistance. General inertness and free of additives

Stock Color: Clear

Stock Sizes: Sheets: 27"x38", Rolls: 27"x 750'

Stock Gauges: 90#

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Screen Tape

A polyester tape used in the silk screening process that has a face with a split liner so that you can easily apply adhesive to the mesh and keep half the liner to the frame for easy clean up!

Product Details

Applications: Screen Printing masks 

Characteristics: Polyester Face, Split Liner, Easy to Apply, Allows for Easy clean up

Stock Color: Clear, Blue, Chrome

Stock Sizes: 2" x 55 Yards &  3" x 55 Yards, Custom Widths Available

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ADDbond Extreme Bond Tape

ADDbond is over 35% more effective than the equivalent 3M VHB Tape!

ADDbond Tape is a double-sided industrial strength foam tape made from high performance acrylic adhesives that is available in clear, white, and gray. The superior performance of ADDbond means it can be used to replace mechanical fasteners for joining a wide range of materials and surfaces. ADDbond Tape is best suited for smooth flat surfaces. After application, the bond strength will increase with time as the adhesive flows onto the surface to eventually achieve extremely strong and durable adhesion.

Product Details

Extremely high bonding tapes such as ADDbond have been used in industrial and demanding applications since 1980. It was used to permanently bond and seal metals, plastics and other surfaces to increase productivity, durability and improve appearance. ADDbond Tape acts as a seal against moisture and helps to prevent galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. ADDbond Tape is not recommended for applications involving continuous submersion. Although ADDbond Tape is intended to permanently bond materials together, it can be removed by both chemical and mechanical means. To remove ADDbond Tape, you can use WD-40, Goo Gone or a simple mixture of water and lemon oil. ADDbond tape can also be removed by mechanical means with the specific tools engineered to remove high bond tapes. Please contact our Sales Team to place an order or request a Comparison Specification Sheet.

Applications: Surface to Surface Permanent Adhesion 

Characteristics: Double-Sided Permanent Adhesion

Stock Color: Clear, Gray, White

Stock Sizes: 1" x 36 Yards

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