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Adhue Graphic Resources is a specialized adhesive converter and plastic film converter. Offering custom converting services, including slitting, sheeting, and cutting.

Slitting and Rewinding

Slitting & Rewinding

With our full slitting capabilities, Adhue can provide custom solutions to meet your specific product requirements.


Width: We provide both wide and narrow web slitting (.5” – 65” wide)

Materials: We offer slitting for many PSA materials, including laminates, vinyls, rigid plastics, magnets, tapes, and more

Brands: We use high quality slitters from Dusenbery and Kampf

PVC Sheeting


Adhue can convert rolled substrates into custom sized sheets for your business.


Size: We can sheet up to 60” wide

Materials: We sheet papers, PVC, and a variety of other substrates

Capabilities: We offer high speed sheeting with inline slitting

Brands: We use high quality sheeters from Rosenthal

Plastic cutting and converting


Adhue offers our customers high quality, affordable cutting solutions.


Equipment: We use a 52” Eurocutter with a 74” extended bed and state of the art microprocessor

Materials: Our top tier cutting equipment allows us to work with most available plastics

Width: We can cut plastic with a width of up to .125” without any chipping or cracking

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Adhue Graphic Resources is one of Minnesota’s leading plastic film and adhesive converters. When you require custom converting solutions, you can rely on us to deliver just what you need. Contact us today at 763-781-8072 or, or fill out our convenient online form to request a quote.

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